Hack & Slash: Hot-tempered Waifu with giant Mecha claws fight against hideous alien monsters in bloody battles full of gory and eye-candy sexy actions

Release date: 2024

Demo Trailer

Shred & Tear: Explosive Kajun

is a fast-paced aggressive style 3D hack n slash action game with loads of monster gore, and sexy actions. Drown yourself in a detailed 3D brutal industrial-theme world, where a mecha waifu fights off tentacle monsters, and also where the buffet of lust and gore is served!

Ultraviolent, fast-paced – Check

Sexy and gory Hack n’ Slash – Check

Simple & Fun Single player game – Check

Eye-candy fan service QTE  – Check

Tentacle & mecha-waifu – Double Check

About this game

Shred & Tear: Explosive Kajun, the first game title directed and designed by PDD (Dzung Phung Dinh) – renown character designers for Subverse and many other Game Titles Art Producing at Thunder Cloud.

Fellow men of cultures (and ladies)!

As the earth is being evaded by a hideous cute-looking space species – Tentamon Empire. They are ahead of us in technologies with an ill will of taking captive young human beings at their best ages to turn them into deathly weapons or bio-soup energy. Kajun-chan is their best-weaponized creation so far. Luckily she was freed by a mysterious creature called Gnochi. Your mission is to guide Kajun-chan escape from Tentamon’s hellish underground facility.

Fast and Brutal

 Shred & Tear serves as an epic diverse action experience. You will control bad-ass fast-action waifu characters: Kajun-chan to face off waves of heavy armored mechas & tentacle monsters.

Sexy & Agressive

Don’t be distracted by Kajun’s body (we know it’s a challenge) as combat is easy to learn but hard to master. With speed and brutality, the gameplay demands quick reflexes and constant situational awareness to succeed.


Armed with an arsenal of deadly skills and weapons, Kajun-chan is ready for the carnage stronger, faster and sexier than ever.

Extra thick fan service

Get a mouthful of chicken soup for the soul after each adrenaline-filled gory battle. Kajun-chan will bring to your table the extra thick fan service and eye-candy QTEs and cutscenes.

Try out the Free Early Prototype Demo!

Taste the very first 5 bits of Shred & Tear:

An action-packed 20-minute gameplay
A series of hand-drawn 2D comic strips cutscenes
A visual feast of high-quality 3D characters, environments and epic Soundtrack.
A highly contrasting design of lusty vs. aggressive, sexy vs gory, lewdness vs grotesque
A simple & fun gameplay, easy to pick up but hard to master

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